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26 September, 2018
As the Artifact beta is coming closer we decided to launch a contest for the most talented subscribers! Each of the winners will get a beta key!


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19 of November, 2018 :(

Artifact beta starts

Valve intend to launch Artifact beta in October but the exact date isn't yet known.

28th of November, 2018

Release of game Artifact

Release of Artifact in:

3rd of November, 2017

Gabe Newell’s birthday

Birthday of Valve’s CEO and founder Gabe Newell.

posted inabout game22 October, 2018

Stanislav Cifka: “Valve really did an amazing job in Dota to Artifact transformation.”

One of those who got an early access to Artifact testing was Stanislav Cifka, a famous MTG and Hearthstone player. He was also mentoring Lukas Blohon - the winner of the draft tournament organized for beta testers. Artifact Zone managed to take a short interview with Stanislav. Enjoy!

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posted inabout gameinterview10 October, 2018

An interview with Lukas Blohon, the winner of the Artifact draft tournament

It's not a secret that the winner of the recent Artifact draft tournament was Lukas Blohon, the player who got an access to Artifact beta just a few days before the tournament started. Artifact Zone was able to communicate with Lukas and even take an exclusive interview with him.

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