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An interview with Lukas Blohon, the winner of the Artifact draft tournament

10 October, 2018Hackart
 It's not a secret that the winner of the recent Artifact draft tournament was Lukas Blohon, the player who got an access to Artifact beta just a few days before the tournament started. Artifact Zone was able to communicate with Lukas and even take an exclusive interview with him.

First of all, congratulations on winning the tournament. Before we start, do you enjoy testing the game?
Lukas: Hi. Thanks!
Yes, so far, I have been enjoying every game I played a lot. There are so many things going on that make me want to play more to get better at it.

Please tell us something about yourself. 
Lukas: I am 29 years old, I have a wife and a 5 months old son, I live in Prague, and on the contrary to a popular belief, I'm not Stan Cifka's roommate. :)

Although you've only been playing for a week, could you share some of your impressions about the game? What was the hardest thing to get used to?
Lukas: So far, I love it. What I probably enjoy the most about it is that you rarely feel like there was nothing you could have done in the game after you lost. Sometimes you get absurd early lead and you think it’s over, only to see that you might be losing in a few turns. The hardest thing from the beginning was definitely the fact that there are so many different things happening at once that you need to keep track of. I don’t think the game is difficult to understand, but being able to manage all the little things is very hard. There are so many options! Understanding how the Gauntlet format works, what is important and what cards/items are good is not easy, but Stan (@StanCifka) and Jan (@Tango_artifact) did an amazing job and I learned a thing or two from them. :)

You're a professional MTG player. Did your experience help you to get familiarized with Artifact much quicker? Did it help you at the tournament?
Lukas: It definitely did. There are things in most card games that are similar, and if you are good in one of them, you will naturally have an easy time learning others. Learning how to work with your resources is easier when you can compare it to other games, and understanding terms like card advantage from the beginning is a big help too. The fact that I’m used to playing long tournaments helped me a lot, that's why I was able to keep myself concentrated most of the time during the tournament. Swiss part took almost 12 hours, so it can be very hard to stay focused all the time if you aren’t used to it.

What card color combo is the strongest one in your opinion?
Lukas: I´m not sure which is the strongest, but so far blue heroes like Luna or Zeus are my favorites. Their signature spells (Eclipse, Thunder God’s Wrath) are very powerful, so if you can survive the early game, you can demolish your opponent with those in mid and late game. Pairing those with beefy red heroes like Axe or Bristleback that are very good in an early game, worked out pretty well for me.

You may have heard about books with so-called "harmful advice" where you have to do exactly the opposite of what the advice says. Can you think of the "most harmful" Artifact-related advice you could give to the Artifact community (e.g. always use all 4 colors in your deck)? 
Lukas: This one is easy! Always play 0 Traveler’s Cloak in your Gauntlet decks.

And last but not least - Team Kanna or TeamPrellex?
Lukas: Kanna.

That's it for now. Hope you liked it. Follow our community for more similar content.

Thanks to Lukas for finding the time to answer, and Evheniy Honcharov for organizing it. 
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