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More than 100 art assets for Artifact listed on U.S. copyright database

25 April, 2018Sannio
More than 100 art assets relating to various Dota 2 heroes and lore have been copyrighted in the past four months by Valve but it is still unclear what heroes will be featured in Valve’s upcoming Artifact.


A search for 'Valve Corporation' on the U.S. copyright database shows more than 100 listings tagged under "Visual image." The listings present on the database were entered between Dec. 8 to Jan. 22. This means Valve has acquired the rights to the artwork from its original creator, and that it will may be present in the game once released.


Using this database, we can assume what heroes and spells Valve might add to the game.Artifact has already entered into a closed beta and so far, there are only 11 heroes featured in the game. However, it has been revealed that there are an additional 11 heroes available in the closed beta, though they have no visual assets in terms of either cards or spells. There are assets belonging to more than these 22 heroes, as well as several spells, and what appears to be different levels (e.g. Meepo has some kind of levels). Unfortunately, the information is still unclear because the listings are solely tagged as visual images.

Art assets listed on U.S. copyright database:
  • Heroes: Bloodseeker, Chen, Skywrath Mage, Meepo (#1, #2, #3, #4), Legion Commander, Lion, Pugna, Centaur Warrunner, Treant Protector, Outworld Devourer, Kanna.
  • Creeps: Champion of the Ancient Creep, Emissary of the Quorum Creep, Hellbear Crippler Creep, Hound of War Creep, Rampaging Hellbear Creep, Rebel Instigator Creep, Red Mist Pillager Creep, Roseleaf Rejuvenator Creep, Satyr Duelist Creep, Sister of the Veil Creep, Thunderhide Alpha Creep, Smeevil Armsmaster Creep.
  • Items: Blade of the Vigil, Assassin's Veil, Barbed Mail, Broadsword, Chainmail, Demagicking Maul, Horn of the Alpha, Jasper Daggers, Leather Armor, Obliterating Orb, Stonehall Cloak, Stonehall Plate.
  • Spells: Arcane Assault Spell, Chain Frost Spell, Bellow Spell, Bolt of Damocles Spell, Caught Unprepared Spell, Cleansing Rite Spell, Clear The Deck Spell, Combat Training Spell, Cunning Plan Spell, Diabolic Revelation Spell, Dimensional Portal Spell, Dirty Deeds Spell, Divided We Stand Spell, Enough Magic! Spell, Fight Through The Pain Spell, Fog of War Spell, Foresight Spell, Grazing Shot Spell, Hand of God Spell, Murder Plot Spell, Mystic Flare Spell, Inside Job Spell, Intimidation Spell, Ion Shell Spell, Ironbranch Protection Spell, Lost in Time Spell, Soul of Spring Spell, Spring the Trap Spell, Slay Spell, Wrath of Gold Spell.
  • Other stuff: Aghanims Sanctum, Right of Tarrasque, Shop Deed, Rumusque Vestments, Escape Route, Grand Melee, March of the Machines, Mazzie, Nyctasha's Guard, Oath, Prellex, Steam Cannon, Undisciplined Artillery, Path of the Bold, Path of the Cunning, Path of the Dreamer, Path of the Wise.
Source: dotesports.com
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